Government communications should be helpful and clear

[Khoi Vinh]( > A submission from AIGA’s [design and public policy group]( to the [ Citizen’s Briefing Book](, the goal of which is to compile the most popular idea submissions for the new administration. “Government must invest in quality graphic design and clear language for all its public communications. We need simple forms, easy-to-use Web sites, quality telephone support, and good signs and communications at public buildings.” It’s also worth browsing through the briefing book’s list of [most popular ideas]( My favorite bit from the submission: > America has an extraordinary pool of design talent that is respected worldwide. For the benefit of citizens, to support American jobs, and to invest in the information infrastructure that will improve productivity over time, government should be committed to improving the way it communicates. This is a great idea and a good cause in general. I’d love to see more action being taken like this on behalf of clear and effective communication.

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