Week 13: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See

Extraordinary bravery from José Vilson:

“Today, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll notice that there’s an objective and a Do Now in front of you, but I need to say this: if anyone wants to talk about what happened last night, whether now or one-on-one, I’m available to do this.” They didn’t seem to understand. “After last night’s lack of indictment of Darren Wilson and the murder of Michael Brown, maybe you have something to say or get off your chest, and if so, I’ve dedicated this time right now for you to say your piece.”

With that, I opened the floor with little moderation from me. Students asked what happened, and I presented what facts I knew.  Students felt angered and hurt by the typical timeline of things: cop shoots child of color and the cop gets away with it. One student asked for my personal opinion, and I couldn’t help but tell them as carefully as I could how outraged I was, and why it matters that I would do this.

They’re so used to their lives not mattering in the eyes of authorities.

Go read the whole thing.