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I’ve made no secret recently of my love for the up-and-coming blogging engine Chyrp, but there’s one CMS that I always return to for major projects: Textpattern It is absolutely my favorite CMS and just keeps getting better, even if a little slowly. What I love about it is its attention to detail and super-powerful templating engine.

Textpattern is quirky though, and takes some getting used to. One thing that sets it apart is the fact that all of its templates and stylesheets are edited through the browser and never as files. One nice thing about this is it makes it super fast – all the templates are stored in the database. However, it can get a little annoying typing in CSS through a web interface, so I always find myself installing this great plugin from Utter Plush. As the name suggests, it allows you to insert tab characters in admin textareas using some clever javascript. Very handy.