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Why Are People Waiting to Marry and Have Kids?

Part of what is appealing about Andrew Sullivan’s blog is that he has Patrick Appel and Chris Bodenner there who clearly help prepare a lot of his posts, and I imagine make the construction of the blog an actual conversation. I also like that he often posts readers’ emails in full when they make a good point, no matter what their view. Here, Patrick is filling in while Andrew is taking a break, and continues the practice of posting thoughtful emails from readers. A taste:

Domenech asks why less [sic] Americans are married with kids at my age, and the best he can come up with is that tired old socially conservative canard of uppity women and a pornography-filled society. Does he really want to know why there is a greater delay in marriage and rearing children than there was in 1970? One word: cost.

Of course, the act of posting these in such a respectful way encourages other readers to send in their own thoughtful emails.