“Domain Tasters” Get the Boot from ICANN

ICANN, keeper of domain names, allows a 5-day grace period within which a domain name may be returned gratis. “Domain tasters” take advantage of this by registering excessive numbers of domain names, throwing up advertising on them, and then leaving before they get the bill.

Now, ICANN has implemented a penalty fee for large numbers of cancellations. Johm Timmer reports:

In 2008, ICANN decided to act. It allowed domain registrars to withdraw as many as 10 percent of their total registrations; they would face penalties for anything above that. Initially, ICANN adopted a budget that included a charge of $0.20 for each withdrawal above the limit, which was in effect from June 2008 to July of this year. Later, it adopted an official policy that raised the penalty to $6.75, the cost of a .org registration; that took effect in July 2009.

The numbers dropped from 17 million in June 2008 to 60,000 in July 2009. This is fantastic news.

Hat tip: Andy Baio.