What’s the point of all this?

I don’t really know what I’m doing here, but I feel a need for some kind of outlet, and this was available.

To be honest, I really just like the idea of having an almost completely pointless space that probably no one is paying attention to, but is mine and there for people to maybe stumble on nevertheless.

Who’s writing?

I live in Berlin with all the cool kids, and work in Mitte. I’ve been in New York City a little over 5 years now, so it’s starting to feel like home.

I used to teach design full time at General Assembly, where I worked with a really great team of instructors and had the privilege of watching many talented designers launch.


The type on this site is set in Asap, but probably not for much longer.

For now, the site is running on Chyrp, using a modified version of the Mockingbird theme.